OLF Schedule: Aug 8-14 2016

OLF Schedule Aug 8-14 2016

OLF Schedule: Aug  8-14 2016: NOTE THE CHANGE.

NAVAL AIR STATION WHIDBEY ISLAND, Wash. – Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP) operations for aircraft stationed at NAS Whidbey Island are cancelled at the Outlying Field (OLF) in Coupeville, Wash., for Wednesday, Aug. 10 from mid-afternoon to early evening. Also the late night aircraft carrier-based flight training at Ault Field is cancelled on the same day.

Remaining operations as of 8/9/2016:

Coupeville OLF Field Carrier Landing Practice

Thursday, Aug. 11 – Mid-afternoon to Early Evening

Ault Field carrier operations

Monday, Aug. 8 – Late Afternoon to Early Evening
Tuesday, Aug. 9 – Late Night
Thursday, Aug. 11 – Late Night
Friday, Aug. 12 – Mid-Afternoon


  1. Steve

    Did the Navy change its mind again, our is your source playing you? Those jets sure seemed real Wednesday afternoon.

  2. Admin

    Apparently it was a “mistake” in the email notice…

    From Mike Welding: “The mistake made yesterday was due to a cancellation of one event; there were multiple events scheduled. The same thing was put out for today with the same mistake, you now have a heads up. I apologize for the miscommunication.”

  3. Dave Drumheller

    Last nail in your coffin is now closed. The EIS that included the Olympic Peninsula is now complete, and the Biological Opinion was not in your favor. Navy Wins again! Keep eating shit scumbags!

  4. Joe "AvgeekJoe" Kunzler

    Well we at least all know the COER Practice Schedule of Tuesday, 1 PM, Island County Commissioners, right?
    You didn’t make the agenda.

  5. Steve

    Thanks for the information. I don’t, however, think the Navy makes mistakes in dispensing their propaganda. They know exactly how they want to manipulate the public and maintain the illusion of their necessity. It’s all about power and feeding the insatiable war machine.

  6. Garrett Newkirk

    Yep naswi is not going to tell the Truth as we had ea-18g and p-3 doing touch and go’s most of the day.

  7. Kathleen Gibson

    Greetings. I can’t imagine what the noise is like in the San Juans. It’s bad enough here in Victoria. We live on the waterfront facing south and the Growler flights sound like an approaching earthquake – very low pitch loud rumbling which shakes the windows. Seems from the schedule that they are flying every day. Do they ever let up?

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