Flight Schedule for OLF and Ault Field: March 13-17 2017

OLF Schedule March 13-17 2017

Flight Schedule for March 13-17 2017

Aircraft carrier-based flight training for aircraft stationed at NAS Whidbey Island is scheduled to occur at the Outlying Field (OLF) in Coupeville, Wash., from Wednesday, March 15 through Friday, March 17, 2017 and Ault Field from Monday, March 13 through Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

Coupeville carrier operations

Wednesday, March 15: Early to Mid-Afternoon and Night
Thursday, March 16: Night
Friday, March 17: Late Morning to Early Afternoon

Ault Field carrier operations

Monday, March 13: Early to Mid-Afternoon and Night
Tuesday, March 14: Evening to Night
Wednesday, March 15: Mid-Morning to Early Afternoon


  1. Janis Johnson

    What are we supposed to do? Suck it up?!

  2. C Blossom

    How kind of the Navy to resume night flying at OLF the same week as the time changes to daylight savings time and those of us that work will have a hard time falling asleep and waking up an hour earlier each morning.

  3. Joe "AvgeekJoe" Kunzler

    Yes Janis, suck it up or move or be ready for eminent domain. Because that OLF ain’t going anywhere.

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