Public Forum: Whidbey’s Water Concerns

Drinking Water Standards to be created for PFAS in Washington State

SAVE THE DATE! If you’re worried about our water situation and contaminants from PFOS and PFOA chemicals, attend this forum by the Whidbey Water Keepers, coming up in a few weeks.


Whidbey Water Keepers Forum

Coupeville High School Commons
501 S. Main Street | Coupeville

Monday, December 4th
5:30-7:30 pm

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  1. Rick Abraham

    The fact that Whidbey’s PFAS pollution victims have no one advocating for their interests was made clear at the Whidbey Water Keepers December 4 public meeting at the Coupeville High School. But for the comments of the last speaker, the meeting might as well have been held by the Navy.

    Nothing was said at the meeting about the Navy’s most recent testing for fourteen PFASs, the results of which had already been provided to the Town. Whidbey Water Keepers, like the Navy, focused on only two PFASs – instead of the cocktail of six PFASs already found in the public’s water. Not mentioned was the fact that the “cancer causing PFAS chemicals” the Water Keepers is concerned about being in consumer products, were likely to be found in High School’s drinking water fountain down the hall and the elementary school down the street.

    More importantly, nothing was said about what should be done to get PFASs out of our drinking water. WWK’s presentations directed attention away from the problem here on Whidbey, focusing instead on PFAS’s in consumer products and the need to work on legislative initiatives down the road. Both are worthy goals but neither will help the families on Whidbey who, after a year, are still cooking and brushing their teeth with water from plastic bottles delivered by the Navy.

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