May 21 - 28 2018-no growlers this week

WE DID IT! Both HB 2341 and SB 6456 have died in committee.

GREAT JOB EVERYONE! We stopped these dreadful bills because of YOUR ACTIONS! Your letters, emails, comments and calls were all heard.

Each person’s efforts brought us to today — a victory with vigilance!

The actions that we put together across Puget Sound and all of Washington in a matter of days – was nothing short of AMAZING. We were a citizen’s blitzkrieg!

So it’s time for a little well deserved dancing, clapping, and patting each other on the back.

A final note from Senator Rolfes, chair of the Ways and Means Committee:

You need to remain vigilant until the legislature adjourns in March, but you can basically celebrate. Sincerely, Christine Rolfes

February 6th is the last day for bills to be reported out of committees in Olympia and we are still monitoring the legislative calendar for any monkey business.

These bills were pushed forward by the Washington Military Alliance, a taxpayer-funded political action committee to expand military base presence in Washington State, without regards to the health, welfare or will of the citizenry and take local land-use planning out of local control FOREVER.

COER and member groups of the Pacific Northwest Coast Alliance, and new allies will be working on strategies to block future Military Alliance bills.

Interested in volunteering?

If you have expertise in the Growth Management Act or land use policies or are an attorney who might like to get involved – please call COER’s President at 360-678-1414.

Thanks again! We are gaining strength in numbers. We are learning how to win!

COER’s Board of Directors

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