Flight Schedule: March 5-11 2018

July 1-3, 2019 - Growler flight schedule - OLF Coupeville

Get ready for noise this week.

There are aircraft carrier-based flight training operations scheduled to occur at the Outlying Field (OLF) in Coupeville, Wash., Monday, March 5 thru Thursday, March 8, 2018.  No Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP) operations are scheduled to occur at Ault Field, the week of March 5-11.

Coupeville carrier operations

Monday, Mar. 5                     Early to Mid-Afternoon
Tuesday, Mar. 6                    Early to Mid-Afternoon
Wednesday, Mar. 7                Early to Mid-Afternoon then Early Evening
Thursday, Mar. 8                   Early to Mid-Afternoon

Ault Field carrier operations




  1. Joy to the world. Let them Vikings bounce!

  2. Nöle Giulini

    Thank you so much for letting us know. The noise is so unbelievably unsettling and disturbing, I can only hope it will stop tonight. It’s already after 8 pm!!!
    We will have to move because of this. And we have a beautiful home and yoga studio in PT! What a nightmare.

    1. Admin

      I think people often forget how far-reaching the noise is. It’s not just the OLF or Ault Field that feels the effects.

  3. Lisa Mahon

    This is insane…. So loud!!! All week, not just in the day but at night too. We have lived in Port Townsend for 31 years and we can not handle this much sound. I feel for folks on Whidbey. My husband is looking for places to move to but I would rather fight since this has been our home since before Growlers came. We were at Hurricane ridge on Sunday and Growlers flew over repeatedly so there is no escape. Ok, now I am calling the hotline… What can we do?

    1. Admin

      There are several groups involved in dealing with this problem – we’re one of them, possibly the oldest, and you are very welcome to use our page for action ideas or to join our group (check out our Action page). We are also allies with the West Coast Action Alliance (WCAA) which also covers the Olympic Peninsula. I’d find a group or groups to join and they will keep you up on everything you can do, such as bills and issues to contact your representatives about, meetings, protests, flight schedules, etc. We agree that the solution of leaving is not necessarily the best for everyone – we’ve decided to stay and fight as best we can.

  4. Stephen and Carole Yates

    This incredibly loud and disturbing noise should not be allowed to circle over our towns!

    1. Then with respect just please don’t let your towns build under preexisting flight paths!

  5. Lea Falkenhagen

    If you are concerned and in the Port Townsend Area please consider attending the Plane Truths Documentary showing at QUUF this Monday march 12th at 6:30pm. Many of the people organizing against this in your area will be there. It’s time to have a city hall about this and take action. People are already taking action whe should be gathering in a regular basis so our actions can be made more effective and unified

    1. Admin

      Thanks Lea!

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