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  1. David Johnston

    “Letter: East Coast carrier group a positive development”.

    Mr. Monson,

    There are currently 4 aircraft carrier strike groups in Norfolk, VA, 4 strike groups on the west coast, and 1 permanently forward deployed to Japan. This has nothing to do with where the squadrons are located. Each strike group has a carrier air wing (there are 9) made up of all aircraft including F/A-18C, E/F, Growler, E-2D Hawkeye, and now the Joint Strike Fighter.

    The location of the strike group has nothing to do with the aircraft home base. ZERO Growlers will be stationed in Cherry Point (not Cherry Hill) or Oceana. All Growlers will remain at NAS Whidbey Island, WA. You clearly do not understand how aircraft are deployed, who owns the aircraft (i.e. who is in command of them), or the fact that aircraft simply fly to the ship and then deploy. Aircraft don’t live on the aircraft carrier permanently, and thus, don’t live next to the ships. It’s irrelevant.

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