Public Forum – Navy Expansion at OLF

Navy expansion proposal - CCA presents a public forum discussing the issues - Growler Jets

Come to the public forum in Coupeville on August 16, 7-9pm.

Location: Coupeville High School Commons, 501 S. Main Street

The Navy proposes a four-fold increase of operations at the OLF. Coupeville Community Allies (CCA) will be sponsoring a public event to discuss what the proposal means to the Coupeville community, including businesses, homeowners, and the Accident Potential Zones (APZs).

This issue will affect everyone. Please attend if you can – all our voices are needed to protect Coupeville, Central Whidbey, and the surrounding areas from unnecessary military expansion.

View and download the CCA’s flyer here: NavyExpansionForumCCA.pdf

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  1. susan elizabeth schmidt

    To have this level of noise pollution in the center of a farming, residential and tourist community is regressive. I experienced today, for the first time the Growler noise directly over my home in Admiral’s Cove. The jets, flying very low, began their turn just over our house. Even 100 yards further down the beach, where houses are sparse, would be a huge help in order for them to begin their turn. The Navy certainly can find another site much less densely populated. Expansion of the current site will destroy any quality of life in central Whidbey.

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