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This is the document that caused the community uproar.

Early in the summer of 2018, the Navy released their ‘preferred alternative’ for the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). It involved increasing the flights at the OLF FOUR TIMES its current pace.

Even people prepared to endure the current situation realized that this was too much, and there was nothing stopping an endless escalation of military operations until the community of Coupeville, and even the rest of Whidbey Island, could not withstand the damage.

It is always important to do one’s own research and to read the information available, so we have added this document to our files and will leave a link up for easy access.

Download the Navy Preferred Alternative document here.

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  1. Joe "AvgeekJoe" Kunzler, A 12 for Transit

    Hey uh COER, you’ve been around since 12/2012.

    Oh and BTW, uh not to have a C-130T full of salt over your precious heads so just correct the record if I’m wrong but:

    a) COER did ask for an EIS in federal court in 2013, “Issue an order compelling that the Navy conduct the required environmental review of its flight operations at OLF Coupeville.”

    b) COER waited until 2015 to attempt to injunct Field Carrier Landing Practice at OLF Coupeville. As we know, that failed.

    c) COER and other members of the public were made aware at least as early as 2014, if not 2013 that the Navy was not considering alternatives to OLF. Yet COER didn’t go to court then…

    So please stop complaining about where we are. Open secret I want Skagit Regional Airport to get some Field Carrier Landing Practice fun. I don’t like it 100%, but I blame your group for some of that.

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