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Federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Schedules Hearing on Impact of Growler Jet Expansion on Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve


Public Meeting will be held:

Wednesday, December 19

5 – 7 PM, public comments

Coupeville High School Performing Arts Center, Coupeville, WA

Defend the Reserve Rally: 4-7pm

Outside Coupeville High School, bring flash lights, music provided

 The Navy walked away from impact mitigation consultations with state, local and community leaders on Nov 30.  Insisting the Department of Defense take meaningful actions to protect the nation’s only historical reserve, Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve, local, state and federal officials all rejected the Navy’s money-for-noise offer to offset damage to the Reserve.

The end of negotiations triggers involvement of the national Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) on the additional Growlers’ impact on Ebey’s Landing Historical Reserve and other historical treasures.  Seeking the opinion of the public, the ACHP gathers comments by mail, email and a public meeting. Speakers on the 19th will have 2 minutes to make comments on the historical aspects of the Reserve’s 17,000-acre historical district, established by Congress in 1978.

This public meeting marks a rare public hearing on the long-planned massive expansion of the Growler jet program and its impact to Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve and our region.   The Washington D.C. based ACHP has 45 days to review and provide recommendations to the Secretary of the Navy (January 14th).

The Sound Defense Alliance is a new voice in Washington working to protect our communities and natural environment from harmful and unnecessary impacts of military activity around Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula.

SDA Growler Section 106 position is the following:

  1. The additional Growler jets will cause “indirect harm” to historic sites as determined by the Navy and, therefore, the No Action is the only acceptable Alternative.
  2. The Navy’s analysis is biased toward minimizing the impacts, and, as a result have excluded consideration of harm to other historic sites.
  3. While some jurisdictions may benefit from a payment from the Navy, the SDA recognizes operational changes are the only real mitigation and money will not appropriately protect our historical treasures.

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