OLF Jet Schedule: May 13-19 2019

July 1-3, 2019 - Growler flight schedule - OLF Coupeville

It’s ALL on us this week. We’re definitely the designated throwaway neighborhood for the Navy.

Coupeville OLF

  • Monday, May 13: Night to Late Night
  • Tuesday, May 14: Mid to Late Afternoon then Night to Late Night
  • Wednesday, May 15: Night to Late Night
  • Thursday, May 16: Mid to Late Afternoon then Night to Late Night
  • Friday, May 17: Early to Mid-Afternoon

Ault Field

  • None

Join us in taking the Navy to court. We can use volunteers and donors – check out our Action page or contact us to see how you can help end this nightmare.


  1. Charles Mitchell

    Have we set up a db meter and video of flights? I’m sure this has been done but maybe get the News guy Jessy down here to get the real impact on the news. I live in admirals cove.

    1. Admin

      We’ve been doing that but honestly more can never hurt. A lot of people are using apps to track the noise levels at their homes, and we had paid JGL Acoustics to do a scientific measurement. Also people are video recording the flights and putting them up on Facebook. It could probably use some organizing, though, or at least someone gathering all the input to link in one area.

  2. Bill Adams

    We are visiting (camping) in Anacortes and have been trying to sleep but cannot because of the loud constant noise from the jets. Tried to watch a movie but the volume turned all the way up on our iPad couldn’t compete with the sound these jets make. We leave tomorrow morning and will never return to this area because of this.
    So, some tourist dollars will be lost. I’m sure there are more like us. We feel badly for the residents that must endure these late night flights and the noise. There has got to be a solution. Even campgrounds have a 10:00 quiet time rule.
    Good luck.

    1. Admin

      We are so sorry this happened, and you’re right, it happens often. It’s not acceptable to have normal life disrupted to this extent, which includes things like being able to camp in our campgrounds designed for that purpose.

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