2020 National Defense Authorization Act to address jet noise

2020 National Defense Act to address jet noise

June 12, 2019, WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Rick Larsen, a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, was able to get several important military jet noise provisions into the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. Provisions include jet noise research, “real-world” noise monitoring and reporting on the impacts of jet-noise in local communities.

Also included is a $5 million amendment for a noise mitigation pilot program for private residences. Jet noise monitoring became an issue on Whidbey Island in February, 2019 after the Navy announced new flight schedules which would increase Growler training flights 4 times the current rate.

Read the full article and press release here:

2019: June 14, South Whidbey Record, Rep. Larsen adds provisions to Defense Act to address jet noise

2019: June 11, Larsen Helps Shape Defense Bill to Support Washington’s Second District


  1. William DuBay

    If the Navy wants to play its war games here, let’s publicize Central whidbey a War Zone. Make it really unpopular withe yhe real-estate crowd! “If you like playing wat games and need more sound effects, come to Penn Cove when the Navy F-15 jets play their war games!” It’s just like the real thing”

    1. Joe A Kunzler

      Exactly. What is the point of Ebey’s NHR at this point unless there is a narrative for the Reserve that includes OLF Coupeville?

  2. Michael

    I have had to pay detailers several hundred dollars to scrape and buff off layers of tar like substance from my boat. The poor thing sat for 10 yrs as jets flew over several time a day and spewed exhaust diesel excrement from their engines, I can only assume the same product is in our lungs clothes, and house in mass quantities, as they have been here for some 40 yrs.

    The Navy doesn’t care about the health of the children or the retired Navy Veterans living in close proximity to their flight zone, or so we should assume from their actions to date. Since Trump has been in office they have thrown out several similar Law Suits by replacing the Judges that oversaw them, really if you don’t like the Law we’ll just change it!

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