Citizens Speak

Citizens Speak

Help us Tell Your Stories and Make our Case. 

Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve (COER) attorney has asked all of us to keep daily Noise Logs that capture what happens in our lives when Growler jets fly. This includes all military jet noise, including Flight Carrier Landing practices at OLF in Coupeville, as well as any other military jets we are hearing throughout the day and night.

We have a simple template you can use to track your experiences of when the jets are flying. You can easily document daily noise you hear and share how it impacts your life on that day or night.

We are no longer receiving submissions for this campaign. Thank you to all who have shared your stories with Citizens Of Ebey’s Reserve (COER). 

Your story still matters! There are many ways to let your voice and stance be heard and seen. You’ll find an action list of things you can do.

Our mission is to protect the health and welfare of the inhabitants of the region, including the marine, migratory and endangered species, and to preserve the historic northwest communities being threatened by military jet training flights.

Thank you!

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