OLF Jet Schedule: August 19-25, 2019

July 1-3, 2019 - Growler flight schedule - OLF Coupeville

OLF carrier operations

  • Monday, August 19: Early to Late Afternoon, then Night to Late Night into Early Morning
  • Tuesday, August 20: Early Morning, Mid-Morning, then Night to Late Night
  • Wednesday, August 21: Mid-Afternoon, then Night to Late Night

Ault Field carrier operations

  • None

When the jets fly today – Please go to COER’s CITIZENS SPEAK and tell us how the noise is impacting you, your family and your work schedules this week. If anyone has a noise meter application on their phone, please record the data and include it in your comments on our CITIZENS SPEAK form. Help us tell your stories and make our case!


  1. Scott

    Is there any date in court scheduled yet for Ferguson’s lawsuit? Do we have any idea how long the entire process is likely to take?

    1. Admin 2

      The lawsuits are in process. We are currently waiting on the Endangered Species Act letter that was sent to the Navy in July. They have 60 days to respond. So we’re getting close, early September.

      Don’t know how long it will take for the Ferguson lawsuit. Not sure if the process will go quicker because he is representing the state of WA?

      We will let people know when we know something. Please stay in touch with our website. Also you can join the COER email list for updates here:

      Thanks for your question and interest!

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