Class Action Complaint for Just Compensation

On September 12, 2019, MARZULLA LAW, LLC, Washington DC, in conjunction with SUSMAN GODFREY, LLP, Seattle WA, filed a Tucker Act action against the United States alleging that the Navy’s Growler Expansion EIS and Record of Decision constituted a taking without compensation of property rights in violation of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution.  This lawsuit was brought on behalf of 24 named Plaintiffs, most of whom live in Admiral’s Cove.  Plaintiffs seek to certify this action as a Class Action.

Anyone interested in information about this lawsuit should contact Jenna Farleigh at Susman Godfrey LLP at (206) 505-3826.

View the full legal document here:
2019: September – Class Action Complatint for Just Compensation


  1. Norma

    If they win a financial decision does that mean the navy can fly over us when they want ? What about the other 500 of us who can’t afford to be part of a lawsuit? I understand compensation but what about the rest of us? Does it weaken or strengthen the AG lawsuit?

  2. Erin Hildebrand

    I had an in depth conversation with Jenna Farleigh yesterday, September 17, 2019, regarding people living on north Whidbey who are being harmed by the Growler noise and vibration. I would encourage people to contact her, and let her know how they are being affected.

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