No war-gaming in Washington State Parks

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is considering a request by the US Navy to expand the scope and geography of SEAL training to include 29 State parks all around the Puget Sound and the Olympic Coast. We need a HUGE public outcry so that the Parks Commission doesn’t just rubber stamp the Navy’s plans.

Important meetings of the Parks Commission:

  • March 12 at Campbells Resort in Lk. Chelan – speak up on the agenda item regarding the Navy’s plans as part of the staff report and general briefing on the Navy’s request
  • May 7 at Ft. Worden in Port Townsend – speak up as the Commission is ready to deliver the decision on allowing SEAL Training in State Parks

Write NOW to the leadership of the Parks and the Commission:

  • Don Hoch, Director
  • Mike Sternback, Asst. Director, Operations

Address comments to all COMMISSIONERS to:

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commissioners,
Care of Executive Assistant to Directors and Commission at

Some of the reasons this is a bad idea:

  • Combining civilian and military activities in the same park at the same time is a recipe for misunderstanding and possible tragedy.
  • State Parks are specifically to be used for recreation; military training is incompatible with civilian recreation
  • Use of firearms are not permitted by State Park Rules; Why does the Navy get to use simulated weapons that look identical to the real thing?
  • The state will be liable in the event of any mishap; where is the budget to pay for damages or a wrongful death claim?
  • Damage to wildlife and delicate shoreline ecosystems was declared as “not significant” by the Navy without conducting an Environment Impact Statement

Your Voice Matters! USE IT!
SIGN THE PETITION – No war-gaming in Washington State Parks

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