Jet Noise Reports July -August 2020 San Juan County and Other Impacted Areas

Quiet Skies over San Juan County sends a report every 2 months to elected officials concerning the jet noise from NASWI. This report provides new, updated data as of August 31,2020.  While this report started in 2015 with data from San Juan County residents, using a San Juan County website, it now reveals growing additional data from the expanding area in which residents are reporting jet noise incidents. Comments from those who use the website to report noise indicate frustration, anger and, frankly, sadness.

At the end of the attached report you will find all the July and August comments submitted with the noise reports.  The human impact is particularly relevant in light of the serious and obvious deficiencies in the Navy’s 2016 Draft Environmental Impact Statement regarding the addition of more Growler jets, and the Record of Decision activated by the Navy. The affected region includes Clallam, Jefferson, Skagit, Island, Snohomish and San Juan counties.

2020: July-August, Quiet Skies, Jet Noise Reports for San Juan County and Other Impacted Areas


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