Growler Flight Costs

Table 1. Costs for EA18-G Growlers, based on U.S. government data FY2017 [1]

[1] Data source: Selected Acquisition Report, RCS:DD-A&(Q&A)T823-378 for EA-18G Growler Aircraft (EA-18G) as of FY 2017 Presidents Budget (final report), where a = page 17, b = page 37, c = page 38, and d = page 39.

[2] Total Growler acquisition cost for 148 US Growlers + 12 Australian Growlers was $15,648,400,000 (see page 17 of the source). That included$ 2,419,300,000 for Research Development Test & Evaluation (RDT&E), which is funding is used to pay the operating costs of dedicated activities engaged in the conduct of research, development, and test and evaluation efforts performed by a contractor and/or government organization. Hence, each of the 160 Growlers cost $97,803,000, and the total for the 148 US Growlers was the per-Growler cost times 148.

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