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Join COER for a webinar on the Growler Health Impacts Study

March 8 at 4-5 PM

This Growler Health Impact Project is funded by the University of Washington’s Population Health Initiative, is analyzing all the Growler jet noise data collected over the past decade.

The study has three major objectives:

  1. Provide a robust assessment of Growler noise levels, lengths of noise exposure, and frequency of noise events across the region;
  2. Estimate the health risks to the population, including potential hearing loss, increased blood pressure, sleep disturbance, stress and annoyance, and childhood learning interference, and;
  3. Map estimated noise levels and related noise health risks to inform affected communities about how to protect and advocate for their health.
This study is moving COER and SDA forward toward a fuller understanding of Growler noise impacts on health and well-being associated with living in the zones. It is based on the current best-available science, which support longstanding efforts for changes in policy.

Learn more about this project, what to expect, and where you fit in. No Registration necessary, so please do join us on this link, on March 8 at 4:00 PM:

Zoom Link


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