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General Fund

We prefer donations to be sent as a check.  Or use the form below to donate online via Paypal.

  • Please make your check payable to “COER Charitable”
  • Mail to:

Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve
P.O. Box 202
Coupeville, WA 98239

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Donation Total: $50

While COER is mostly run by volunteers, we still incur all sorts of regular costs: printing, mailing, hiring contractors, maintaining our website, and so forth.

If you would like to just help us keep going without designating a specific project, please consider donating to this fund. Even small amounts help a great deal.

Thank you for your support!

NOTE: While we very much appreciate all donations, we prefer them to be delivered by check, so that we do not lose any funds to online banking fees. If you prefer to donate online, then choose the Paypal payment method in the form above.

Thank you very much, either way!

We welcome anyone, regardless of race, creed, or country of origin, to join our efforts in support of our mission. Those who make a donation and/or volunteer to assist COER on any of our important tasks or actions are members and will, by providing your email, address be included on our member notices roster.

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