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2024 May, The Seattle Times: Navy must turn down the volume on Whidbey ‘Growler’ operations

2023: August, Whidbey News Times, Sound Off: Real-time information about Growler flights needed

2023: August, Whidbey News Times, Sound Off: Problems created by Navy should also be part of conversation

2021: January, Seattle Times, Navy should use our data on Growler noise, not dismiss it

2020: December, Whidbey News-Times, Dangerous Safety Issues Revealed at Outlying Field Coupeville

2020: August, News Release Navy settles FOIA case with COER

2020: August, COER Response to Magistrate

2020 July: Seattle Times, Washington state officials slam Navy’s changes to military testing program that would harm more orcas

2020: July, News Release COER continues efforts to protect communities

2020: March, Whidbey News-Times, Judge in Growler case may consider classified info in chambers

2020: March, Whidbey News-Times, Letter: Navy’s ‘courtroom antics’ shouldn’t impress judge

2020: February,, Group asks for injunction regarding Growler flights

2020: February, WESH News, Navy dropping live bombs on Ocala National Forest on Friday, Saturday

2020: January, Washington State Attorney General Press Release, Victory for Puget Sound: Navy signs legally enforceable agreement to stop polluting Puget Sound with ship scraping, take steps to prevent additional environmental damage 

2020: January, Puget SOUNDKEEPER, Suquamish Tribe, Environmental Groups, and State of Washington Reach Settlement of Lawsuit Over U.S. Navy Contamination of Puget Sound

2019: December, The Aviationist, Australia Won’t Get Compensation For EA-18G Growler Aircraft That Burst Into Flames At Nellis Air Force Base in 2018

2019: September 12, Bitterroot Magazine, ‘We Are Collateral Damage’: More, Louder Jets Roil Military Communities

2019; August 20, State Sen. Barbara Bailey is second Republican in two weeks to announce plans to leave the Senate

2019: July 16, The National Interest, Last Year, a Pentagon Report Found That Boeing Spent Years Building Damaged F-15s and F/A-18s

2019: June 12,  King 5 News, Rob Smith interview, Growler’s impact on the Olympic National Park.

2019: June 12, King 5 News, Advocates claim Navy jet noise disrupts serenity of Olympic National Park

2019: June 12-15, The Lummi Nation Totem Pole journey is coming – will you join!

2019: June 12, The Seattle Times, Citing possible harm to orcas, Seattle Mayor Durkan protests U.S. Navy training exercises

2019: June 4, Military Times “Cancer-causing foam could be banned in military training next year, off military bases entirely by 2029”

2019: May 31, South Whidbey Record “New safety alarms as the number of Growlers grow”

2019: January 15, The Seattle Times, Washington’s greenhouse gas emissions spiked 6 percent in most recent tally

2018: December, Defense Blog, U.S. Navy orders F414-GE-400 engines for F/A-18 aircraft

2018: February, The Leader, Call Inslee

2018: April 30, Dahr Jamail, Explosions and crashes: military aircraft are a threat to US civilians

2018: March 25, Dahr Jamail, What happens to a one industry town when the one industry is the military

2018: March 12, Dahr Jamail, Washington State’s deep political and economic alliance with the Pentagon

2018: January 24, Dahr Jamail, The military wants to dictate private land use and Washington State might let it

2017: March 5, Dahr Jamail, Naval exercises add trillions of pieces of plastic debris to oceans

2016: November 30, Dahr Jamail, Without major interventions the Orca’s days are numbered

2016: November 26, Whidbey News Times “Central Whidbey confronts Navy jet noise, water testing”

2016: November 15, Dahr Jamail, US military plans to dump 20,000 tons of heavy metals and explosives into the oceans

2016: October 17, Dahr Jamail, Navy admits to having released chemicals known to injure infants brains

2016: June 4, Dahr Jamail, When whales cannot hear ocean noise doubling every ten years

2016: May 16, Dahr Jamail, The US Navy’s mass destruction of marine life

2016: April 2, Seattle Times “Jets, helicopters, rockets: Military plans more uses of Northwest public lands”

2016: March 7, Dahr Jamail, Exclusive: Navy secretly conducting electromagnetic warfare training on washington roads

2016: February 6, Dahr Jamail, How much noise can a person survive? Navy jets plague the lives of Washington residents

2016: January 11, Dahr Jamail, Exclusive: Navy uses US citizens as pawns in domestic war games

2015: November 16, Dahr Jamail, Navy expands domestic war games despite public concern over alleged illegalities

2015: October 26, Dahr Jamail, US Navy allegedly broke federal laws to push forward electromagnetic war training over national forests

2015: September, KUOW 94.9 Podcast, Washington Attorney General Sues Over Hanford Cleanup

2015: July 18, Seattle judge weighs Central Whidbey jet noise lawsuit”

2015: March 9, Dahr Jamail, Domestic military expansion spreads through the US

2014: December 15, Dahr Jamail, Documents show Navy’s electromagnetic warfare training would harm humans and wildlife

2014: November, KUOW 94.9 Podcast, Time for Public Comment on Navy War Training Running Out

2014: October, KUOW 94.9 Podcast, Potential For Navy War Games Alarms Peninsula Residents

2014: May 10, Whidbey News Times “Anti Noise Group Protests Near Coupeville Field”

2014: January 7, Whidbey News Times “Agency Reverses Findings on OLF Coupeville Cement Blocks”

2013: December 26, Seattle Times “Roaring controversy over Navy jets on central Whidbey Island”

2013: December 23, Peninsula Daily News “Port Townsend casts wary eye on prospect of more noisy Navy jet test flights out of Coupeville”

2013: December 23, The Island’s Sounder “Concerns Over Jet Noise”

2013: December 6, Whidbey Examiner “Coupeville group claims OLF is ‘non-essential,’ flights resume”

2013: December 6, Whidbey Examiner “Navy beefs up OLF security, closes Maylor trail”

2013: September 4, Whidbey News-Times “Navy says it will prepare EIS for NAS Whidbey, OLF”

2013: August 2, Whidbey News-Times “Pro OLF Rallies Building Momentum in Oak Harbor”

2013: July 29, Whidbey News-Times “Oak Harbor Responding to OLF Suit with Pro-Navy Campaign”

2013: July 23. Seattle Times “Whidbey Island Group Sues Navy, Says Jet Noise Unbearable”

2013: July 19, Whidbey News-Times “Federal Suit Filed: OLF Practices Suspended”

2013: June 27, Huffington Post “F-16 Fighter Jet Crashes in Arizona”

2013: June 23, Whidbey News-Times “Overflow Crowd Says Close OLF”

2013: June 18, Whidbey News-Times “Meeting Planned on OLF Concerns”

2013: March, Whidbey Crosswind “A Change of Command”

2013: April 8, Whidbey News-Times “Anti-OLF Group Claiming Public Records Victory”

2012: December 23, South Whidbey Record “Meeting Planned to Ease Navy Jet Noise Concerns”

2012: December 06, Whidbey Examiner, “Petition Aims to End Outlying Field Flights”

2012: August 31, Whibey Examiner “Navy Noise Rattles Neighbors”

2012: August 26, The Columbian “Whidbey Residents Claim Jets Are More Than Noisy”

2012: August 15, Whidbey News-Times “Jet Noise Complaints Pile Up in Coupeville”

2009: September 11, Whidbey News-Times “Navy Cuts Back On Jets Over Coupeville”

1987: September 29, Spokane Chronicle “Jet Noise Splits Community” (Letter on Page 13)