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Social Media Really Helps Our Cause

Here are the platforms we use to spread our message and inform the public, and suggestions for getting the most impact if you use them:


  • To help us reach more people through Facebook, be sure to Like our page; if you want to be certain never to miss a post, look at the top of the page where it says “Following”; pull down the menu and choose “See First.” Otherwise, you might see some of our posts, you might not.
  • React (Like, Love, etc.) to every post you read. If you have comments, please let us know what you think (but please be polite, we try to keep a reasonable tone on our Facebook page, even if we are angry.)
  • Share and tag other Facebook friends that you think would be interested.

The more actions you take on a Facebook post, the more likely it is that others will see it, and that Facebook will give it more importance (a higher chance of turning up randomly).

Facebook is really our main method of getting news out to people about what’s happening here. Help us improve our reach, and thank you!


The blog, and most other pages on our website, can be shared (using the little share buttons at the bottom of the article) to many different platforms of your choosing. Please feel free to share them to your Twitter feed, Facebook, or whatever you use to connect to people online.

Comments on the blog must be approved by an admin before they show up, so there may be a bit of a delay, but don’t let that discourage you. We have just learned that the number of trolling responses are too high if we don’t filter them. Please do respond to the blog articles – it increases our visibility online for that page, and we also want to hear your voice. It’s important that people realize they aren’t alone in this fight.


Each of our fundraising campaigns has options to share them through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Please feel free to share the campaigns to your networks at every opportunity. We do not pay for advertising, so this is truly our best way to spread the word.

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