Murray and Cantwell Join Demand for Water Cleanup by Military

Contacting your Representatives works! Keep up your calls and letters – they will move our Representatives to act on our behalf, despite pressures from others in government to discourage them. Send them thanks especially so they know that we see...
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Navy Introduces Toxins to Drinking Water, Then Expands Operations

Truthout has done an outstanding job of reporting the military expansion taking place in the Northwest, largely through the efforts of staff reporter, Dahr Jamail. The most recent article is posted below, though you can see the original at the Truthout...
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Courier-Times Exposes Water Poisoning Catastrophe

Navy personnel load containers of firefighting foam on containers labeled National Foam onto the USS Monterey. -photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Billy Ho The PFOS/PFOA water contamination, largely by the US military, is widespread. The...
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