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The Beacon Hill Seattle Community Noise Team is a group of residents focused on addressing the public health risk posed by excessive noise pollution.

2016: November, A List of Important Acronyms – An explanation of all the acronyms and shorthand

Sustainable Economy Collaborative: A community group studying the economic effects of the Growlers and Navy presence on Whidbey Island.

EIS for the Growler Airfield Operations: The Navy’s webpage about the Whidbey EIS.

Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve: The National Reserve that started it all, and the jewel of central Whidbey.

Earplug Store: Seriously consider using hearing protection whenever the jets are flying, especially for your children.

Citizens Against OLF: The organization that took on the Navy’s desire to build an OLF in a really bad location in NC.

Restoration Systems, LLC: An environmental organization in NC discussing migratory bird issues with the OLF (similar issue in our case, as we are part of a major migratory bird route.)

Citizens Harmed by Disclosure Deception:  Since 1993, inadequate noise disclosures were used (or none used at all) for real estate purchases in noise zones in North and Central Whidbey Island. Land owners have been devastated by this practice in many ways. Learn the details of what happened and action that can be taken.

No OLF Symbol (huge – 20×20, 100 dpi)

No OLF Symbol (8.5 x 11)

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