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Our videos are posted on YouTube here

WEAN v. State Parks Commission hearing & ruling that permitting Navy “Ninja” training in state parks was illegal.

Actual recording over Patmore Park in Coupeville, WA

Growlers over Teronda

Say No to War Games in the Park

Growler flies way outside FCLP pattern and so close to Coupeville schools

Videos of the Jets Flying Low and Loud Over Residential Areas: #1#2#3#4 #5

“When Your Home is No Longer Safe” – Raindagger Productions

KIRO 7 report on the Injunction Hearing (July 2015)

Informational Meeting concerning Skagit and San Juan counties

“Community Aircraft Noise, a Public Health Issue”

Mark Dworkin’s video about our cause

KIRO 7 News report on the lawsuit (July 24, 2013)

KOMO 4 News report on the lawsuit (July 23, 2013)

KING 5 News report on OLF complaints (June 28, 2013)

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