Jets = money! not jobs…..


The signs are everywhere. Commissioners have it on their shirts. Yards sprout it. Mayors shout it. Council members approve it. Resolutions proclaim it.

Jets = Jobs is the mantra.

Nothing about freedom.

Nothing about democracy.

Nothing about hearing loss.

Nothing about children’s health.

Nothing about Navy safety.

Nothing about health costs.

Nothing about citizens’ rights.

Nothing about the dumping of fuel.

Nothing about tourists leaving due to noise.

Nothing about residents moving due to noise.

Nothing about lost property use and value.

Nothing about being unable to talk.

Nothing about being unable to sell your home.

Nothing about being able to hear.

Nothing about Navy folks preferring Anacortes.

It is about money for Oak Harbor business owners.

Jets = jobs = money.

What’s wrong here?

Money for who?

Not me, I don’t own a business in Oak Harbor

How about Jets = Money?

Are you getting money?

Or just noise?

Jets = Money for a few rich Oak Harbor business owners.

Noise for the rest of us.

Michael Monson


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