What doesn’t belong in Ebey’s Reserve!

Soft breezes, sunshine,  trees waving in the pleasant breezes, birds singing, the laughing sound of children playing baseball in an adjacent park, perhaps the smell of a barbecue grilling hamburgers, dogs playing with each other in a nearby off leash park. Another pleasant afternoon in a National Park. The peace in Ebey’s Landing National Reserve. People out for an afternoon drive.
When suddenly………
134.2 decibels of jet noise screams into the once peaceful afternoon.
Birds fleeing
Children covering their ears
Hamburgers left to burn
Adults grabbing their children
Everyone running for their cars to flee the shattering noise
Dogs cowering in the pain that they can’t run away from
The peaceful afternoon shattered
A national park desecrated
The area deserted
Nothing left but the exhaust of jets
Fouling the once sweet air
Noise the only sound
Jet exhaust the only smell
The park deserted now
The Growlers are backimage

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