Another real estate deal chopped down in Central Whidbey

This from a central Whidbey resident:

I contacted a woman, Renee, who lost a sale of property
directly because of the jet noise. This happened last summer. She
eventually sold the property at a steeply discounted price, again because of
the jets. The property was 10 wooded acres on Parker, with a view. Before
the recession it was valued at $265,000. When the recession hit she found
that she had to sell it because of her own circumstances, though she had
intended to hang on to it.

She wanted to list it at $200,000 but her realtor persuaded her that
there was no way it would sell for that. This was last summer. She listed
it at $145,00, and found a solid, qualified buyer, people that she really
liked and was happy to sell to. They were excited about the property until
the day they were visiting it and the jets flew over. They immediately
withdrew, telling their agent that they just couldn’t deal with the jets.

She eventually sold it for $100,000; 10 flat, wooded acres with a view
for $10,000 an acre. She feels that her agent would be willing to
corroborate this, he’s based in Pt. Townsend, so is probably not so affected
by Island politics.

She is willing to come to the rally and tell her story, and bring her
evidence, if you all think it was useful. Paula had indicated that she knew
of a case where a sale was lost clearly because of the jets, and seemed to
think that maybe we could put something together around this.

Renee has given her permission to be contacted, and she would like to be
involved. She also has a story about being treated very rudely when calling
in to complain. She currently is living on Parker, the jets fly right over
her house, and she regularly calls.

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