Interim PFAS CAP – Only the First Step

EQ testing water for PFAS toxic chemicals

PFAS CAP Advisory Committee members and Interested Parties:

We are pleased to announce that Ecology and Health have published the Interim Per- and Poly-Fluorinated Alkyl Substances Chemical Action Plan (the Interim PFAS CAP).

Now that our legislative session has ended, Ecology and Health updated the Interim PFAS CAP to reflect new mandates, agency activities, and other recommendations. Given the new directives from the legislature, we are planning to continue to work on the PFAS CAP in 2018 and finalize the document in 2019.

We will host a webinar to review the Interim PFAS CAP on June 6th at 9 am (more details about the webinar will be shared via listserv message – agenda, etc).

We plan to reconvene the Advisory Committee this fall (October in-person and webinar) to discuss status of ongoing work and recommendations for the Draft PFAS CAP. The Draft CAP is scheduled to be completed in the Spring of 2019 (see the timeline below).


  • This document does not include updated ‘chapters’ – those will be provided with the Draft CAP in 2019.
  • This interim document does not include an ‘official’ public comment period – that will occur for the Draft CAP.
  • Comments on this document will be incorporated into the Draft CAP.
  • Use the E-Comment system to submit written comments on the Interim PFAS CAP by May 31, 2018.

PFAS CAP Timeline:

  • June 6, 2018 webinar (registration link: June 6 PFAS CAP Webinar )
    • Discuss: interim document/comments, Ecology and Health work underway, review PFAS issues/options/questions
  • Fall 2018 (October) in-person meeting (w/ webinar option).
    • Review gathered data, update on agency work and other data/resources, discuss/identify recommendations for the Draft CAP.
  • Spring 2019 post the Draft PFAS CAP (will include updated chapters).
    • Advisory Committee review and comment.
    • Official 60-day public review period – with public meetings.
  • Fall 2019 finalize PFAS CAP
    • Advisory Committee meeting to review comments on the Draft.
    • Publish the Final PFAS CAP.

Questions: contact Kara Steward at or 360-407-6250.

Feel free to forward this message to other interested parties.

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Contact information:
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  1. I wish the powers that be would just fix the damn water supply already. This is not rocket science, a Zumwalt destroyer or arranging some aspect of Middle East peace

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