Congratulations to the Sound Defense Alliance!

When we act together and speak with one voice, people HEAR US.

Our voice comes from all across Northwest Washington – Whidbey Island, the San Juans, Skagit County, and the Olympic Peninsula. Our voice has generated news stories, editorials (including a Horsey cartoon), and public announcements from elected officials at every level: city, county, state, and national.

Significantly, Attorney General Bob Ferguson recently filed a lawsuit against the Navy over the impacts of Growler jet noise. Subsequently, the Secretary of the Navy, Richard Spencer, came to Oak Harbor and spoke in public about Growler jet noise (which coincidentally interrupted his presentation).

There can be no doubt: this is a measure of success. We are holding the Navy accountable. We need to make sure that the Navy understands that Growler jet noise is a public health emergency.

PLEASE URGE OUR ATTORNEY GENERAL TO STAY THE COURSE AND REQUIRE THE NAVY TO FOLLOW THE LAW. Send your comments to the AG & Governor’s office by clicking below.

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  1. Norma Jefferson

    Please understand the problem we face with these jets flying over us they are loud to the point of unbearable and knowing they could crash poses more stress than some of us can live with. Not to mention loss of hearing.

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